2018 Tesla Roadster Rumors, Release Date

Tesla has plans to release the second generation of their popular electric sports car, the 2018 Tesla Roadster, sometime in 2017, under the name 2018 Tesla Model R. Given that the current model is quite popular, fans will sure be thrilled about the upcoming vehicle. If you want to learn the latest rumors regarding this electric car, keep reading the following article.

Tesla Roadster front view

2018 Tesla Roadster Exterior Design

The car shown in the photos is the 2012 Tesla Roadster Final Edition model, painted in the Sporting Atomic Red color. The new model will definitely get a facelift, and will be much different and modern, but still keeping its familiar Roadster look. Some sources claim that it could be renamed to the 2018 Tesla Model R. Its body is expected to be made of lightweight aluminum and fiber glass materials, keeping its weight as low as possible. The rumor is that the car will have different front end with a smaller grille, aggressive LED headlights, and a curved hood. The body will be more aerodynamical. On the back, we would like to see to see a revised diffuser, and a new spoiler that won’t be integrated into the body. This will give the Model R more modern look.

rear view

Interior Styling and Accessories

Interior of the new 2018 Tesla Roadster will be sporty rather than luxurious. Of course, given that is is a coupe, it will retain only two sports seats. The comfort should be improved, while you won’t have to worry about the headroom, because the roof will be removable, making it also a convertible model. The 2018 Model R should also come with many innovations and modern technologies, such as a whole new infotainment and audio systems. Maybe the automaker will work with Google to bring their Android Auto multimedia system.


Electric Motor, Specs, Performance

The 2018 Tesla Roadster is expected to have improved performance over the current model. For example, the Final Edition model is powered by a 53-kWh battery pack and an electric motor that can produce up to 248 horsepower and 211 lb-ft of torque. These figures should increase with a new power unit. We also expect the future car to have increased mileage, more than 300 miles is a safe bet. The current model can travel more than 200 miles between battery charges. Some sources claim that Tesla has a goal to make a sports car that will be able to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds. It will sure be a competitor to many supercars powered by petrol engines. As for the transmission option, we expect to see the same double-clutch automatic.

Tesla Model R Release Date & Price

The word is that the second-generation 2018 Tesla Roadster will be released during 2017, most likely in the summer. The current convertible is priced between $109,000 and $128,500. The Model R should probably have a little bit higher starting price. Remember, these are just rumors. More details should be known in the upcoming years.

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