2016 Toyota Mirai Specs, Price, Release Date

The 2016 Toyota Mirai represents a spectacular, a bit, futuristic kind of a vehicle, like its name explains itself. For those, who aren’t familiar with the fact — a Japanese word “Mirai” actually means the “future”. We are assuming that the folks from the Japanese giant wanted us to believe that this vehicle presents the future trends, which will, certainly, this company follow in the future times. If you ask us for an opinion, we would nothing have against that idea, as long as all the future vehicles won’t be that ugly as this new model. We are cheering that the fuel of the future is the hydrogen on which the Toyota Mirai 2016 goes. Do we have to explain the reasons? Rather not, so, let’s skip it and focus on sedan’s general look.

front view

2016 Toyota Mirai Design

We have, already, pointed out that the sedan‘s main flown lies in its exterior design. Simply, we wouldn’t be able to find a single corner of view, from which Mirai would like, let’s use that term, rather decently. This is, literary, mission impossible! Besides of that it is absolutely stunning from a “toe” to “head”. The design of the 2016 Toyota Mirai is highly unusual, a bit futuristic and awfully expensive. We think that enough will be only to mention that the sedan is planned to possess centralized gauges up by the windshield (which is a trademark of the Toyota Prius) and pretty equally distributed secondary controls on intersecting planes across the whole cabin. The front bumper is wide and big, coming with a contoured lower grille and two large air intakes. The bonnet is stretching back, surrounded by a line that flows into the twin LED headlights. Additional vertical lights can be found on the extended bumper, next to the air inlets. The roof is gently sloping to the rear of the car, where you can find the short trunk. The taillights have a shape of a triple pyramid.

rear view

Starting from the car’s main features, like: a climate control, a satellite-navigation, a rear view parking camera, a hand-made leather upholstery and LED headlights. Regarding the safety kit it is expected to contain stuffs such as: an adaptive cruise control, lane-change assist and lane-departure warning, and, at least but not the least important — a pre-crash system. Worth of mentioned is certainly and the following information — although, it has, already, been confirmed the exact 2015 Toyota Mirai’s appearance that will be launched in the US, the final specification of European’s car is not yet officially been confirmed, but we are expecting to come along with the similar features which we have counted above.


Engine, Specs, Hydrogen-powered Technology

Practical hydrogen-powered cars, like is 2016 Toyota Mirai, are also widely known as Fuel-Cell Vehicles. However, those haven’t just yet, got the mainstream nod of any of the official approval, whatsoever. Toyota strives to change by launching this model. As has been the vehicle of the future, Mirai’s fuel cells generate the electricity from an electrochemical reaction between hydrogen and air. But, how exactly does this marvelous car do that? Hydrogen atoms are being compressed and stored in high-pressure tanks and then, these atoms are sent though the special a platinum-coated membrane, which are able to split those atoms on electrons and protons. Further, those electrons have been used in producing an electrical current to power a drive motor. So, in this case, that synchronous AC unit has the power to produce up to 151 horsepower and 247 lb-ft of torque, while emitting only water from the tailpipe. This makes the car environment friendly, because it does not emits harmful CO2 gases. Two hydrogen tanks are positioned below the rear seats, each holding 5 kg of hydrogen. With this fuel, the FCV can travel up to 300 miles. No, this is not a mistake, the actual range is three hundred miles, which is amazing. Fuel tanks can be refueled in about three to five minutes.

hydrogen engine

Toyota FCV Release Date, Price

This miracle and clairvoyant vehicle of the future, the 2016 Toyota Mirai, which premiere is expected to happen during this year, is planned to be initially been sold just in California, due there have, already, existing the appropriate built infrastructure for hydrogen fueling. Although, it is still too early, even to speculate on the price, according to the rumors, the Mirai will be priced at $57,500. In Japan, its domestic market, the Fuel Cell Sedan went on sale during April 2015 for about 7 million yen. In Europe it should go on sale these days.

Photo & Video Gallery

For the end, check out the two additional photos taken during the sedan’s promotion and a promotional video in the gallery below.

FCV front

FCV profile

front view

rear view

2016 Toyota Fuel Cell Sedan

2016 Toyota Mirai

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