2016 Scion iA Specs, Design, Release Date

The 2016 Scion iA, unveiled at the 2015 New York Auto Show, was derived from the fourth-generation Mazda2, and it presents the first-ever sedan built by Toyota’s youth-oriented Scion brand. Together with the equally new 2016 Scion iM, it will definitely help bring the much needed refreshment to the lineup, which, despite the addition of the FR-S, has been rather lifeless for the last several years. Cooperation with Mazda helped the Scion brand in getting some affordable, stylish, and efficient subcompact sedans in its lineup. By the words of people from Toyota, the new model will go on sale this fall. While there isn’t too much information about the sedan, it already looks like a very promising little vehicle.

front view

Exterior and Interior Design

As far as the exterior goes, without the front fascia and headlights, the 2016 Scion iA is identical to the Mazda 2 sedan, even the wheels are the same. You can definitely see the influence of Mazda’s design style, with the characteristic wheel arches, but the Scion’s aggressive front fascia gives a new expression to the inherited Mazda lines. As far as we know, it looks like Mazda’s smallest sedan won’t be sold in North America, which means that if you want a 4-door version of the next-generation Mazda2, you can visit your local Toyota/Scion dealership and get the same model under a different name.

rear view

When you take a look at the interior of the 2016 Scion iA, you can see that it is a direct carryover from the 2016 Mazda2 hatchback. We think that this isn’t a bad thing after all. The 3-pod gauge cluster and 3-spoke steering wheel highlight the sporty look, while the premium features like the center display screen give the inside of the car a higher-end look. The biggest difference between the Mazda2 and the iA is the back seat row and the cargo area. The sedan comes equipped with back seats that can be split folded, and while the Scion still has the volume of questions to answer, judging by recent Mazda vehicles, our guess is that this model will be very roomy. Furthermore, the new sedan will continue the brand’s mono-spec model offering, and it will come equipped with standard features such as the multimedia with a 7-inch display screen, push-button start, a Low-Speed Pre-Collision safety system and more.


Engine, Specs, Fuel Economy (MPG)

The fact that the Japanese automaker calls the 2016 Scion iA a sports sedan, it doesn’t mean that the engine under the hood justifies that claim. Like with everything else so far, the car comes equipped with the engine of the 2016 Mazda2, which is a 1.5L 4-cylinder capable of delivering 106 horsepower. The engine will come paired with either a 6-speed automatic or 6-speed manual transmission, and its fuel economy ratings are expected to have numbers of 33 mpg in the city, 42 mpg on the highway, and 37 mpg combined. Those numbers should be good enough to put it in front of the rest of the class fuel economy ratings. In Europe, there will be three variants of this engine, delivering 75 hp, 95 hp and 115 hp. The last one will come with the i-ELOOP system.


2016 Scion iA Release Date, Price

The final price has yet to be announced, but the makers say that the 2016 Scion iA will probably have the starting price of about $16,000, and if that remains unchanged, this price will position the Scion slightly higher than many of its subcompact sedan competitors. It is quite justified, considering the amount of standard equipment offered with that price. When it comes to the release date, the car is expected to hit the market in fall of 2015.



Even with the fact that the 2016 Scion iA comes as a car that has only a handful of distinctions from the Mazda2, it is still a very stylish subcompact sedan with superb fuel economy. There is a part where the iA it does have an advantage over the Mazda, and that is when it comes to the part of buying the car, the Scion’s “no-hassle” pricing wins, and furthermore, Toyota’s wider dealer network will probably be a good enough reason to choose this model over the new Mazda2.

rear view

2016 Scion iA

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