2016 Rimac Concept One

The 2016 Rimac Concept One is an electric supercar, said to enter into production in 2015, and to go on sale by the end of the same year for $980,000. It was unveiled back in 2011 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The Rimac Concept was built by a small company from Croatia, a country in Europe. Keep reading to find out more details about it.

front view

2016 Rimac Concept One Design

The body of the 2016 Rimac Concept One is mostly made of carbon fiber material, in order to keep its weight as low as possible. And as you can see in the photos, it looks really elegant. The car is quite low and has an aerodynamical shape, which will further increase its speed and performance. It rides on a set of the lightweight monoblock wheels, wrapped in the unique Vredestein tires, which are needed for superior handling, given that each wheel is driven separately (more on that soon).

rear view

Interior Styling

As for the interior, there is a high-quality leather all over the cabin. The interior of the 2016 Rimac Concept One is driver-focused, which means that everything can be easily accessed. The instrument cluster is all digital. There is a small display on the left side of the instrument panel, and one that replaces the standard rearview mirror (it uses the back camera to show what’s behind). In the center console, there is another display, which can be controlled with driver’s fingers; it can display all the necessary info and keep the passengers entertained.


Engine, Specs, Performance

The 2016 Rimac Concept One is one of the most powerful electric vehicles. It is powered by the four electric motors, each controlling its own wheel. The whole system, which is called the All Wheel Torque Vectoring, can produce up to 1088 horsepower (811 kW) and 2802 pound-feet of torque (1600 Nm). Those are impressive figures for an electric vehicle. All this power will let this high-performance electric supercar to reach the speed of 60 miles per hour in just 2.8 seconds. The Rimac’s top speed is electronically limited to 190 mph (about 304 km/h). Electricity will be provided by a liquid-cooled 91-kWh lithium-ion battery pack, that will let the car travel up to 372 miles on a single charge. One interesting thing is that this electric concept can switch between the FWD and RWD modes.

All Wheel Torque Vectoring System

Rimac Concept 1 Release Date, Price

Although this high-performance car was unveiled back in 2011, the first units were supposed to be delivered to the customers in January 2013 for the price of €740,000 (about $980,000). However, the production was delayed. Now, the word is that the production model will go on sale by the end of 2015 for the 2016 model year. The 2016 Rimac Concept One is said to be limited to 88 units only. There is no word if the price will remain the same, but let’s hope it will be below 1 million US dollars.


Here are four additional photos of this Croatian-built hypercar. For additional details you can visit Wikipedia page.

2016 Rimac Concept One

rear view

side view


2016 Rimac Concept One electric car

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