2016 Dodge Dakota

The 2016 Dodge Dakota is rumored to come on the market as a redesigned and a modern looking vehicle. This pickup truck appeared for the first time on the market in 1987. In order to increase sales of this model in the American market, the new model comes refreshed during the year 2016. The previous model was the reason for the low status in the category of the pickup trucks on the American market and poor sale results. This time the company will invest extra efforts to meet the expectations of the buyers.

2016 Dodge Dakota

Exterior and Interior Design

The new Dodge Dakota 2016 will have a redesigned exterior look that will transform it into a more modern, attractive and aggressive truck. It will be built of lighter materials and with a satisfactory offer of equipment in the interior. The interior will go in line with modern requirements. It will be changed in both, the aesthetic and functional terms. Seats are going to be covered with modern and more durable materials that will give the inside of the car a nicer look and provide greater comfort. The space inside the truck will be spacious enough to give the passengers the feeling of comfort. Equipment will be upgraded and it will include new features like: audio player, cruise control, air conditioning, LCD display, navigation system, functional steering wheel, windshield defrosters, ABS and so on.


The truck will look more modern and more powerful compared to the older models and it should be slightly longer. Weight will also be slightly increased, but despite that, the people from the company say that the fuel consumption will be improved. The front of the 2016 Dodge Dakota will have a more streamlined headlights and a redesigned grille. Both bumpers will be the same color as the body. It’s gonna have four doors and a trailer for loading luggage. The door on the trailer will be easier and more functional, which will make the entry of cargo much easier. Luggage space will be slightly lower compared to the older models, but it will still be able to transport large amounts of cargo.

rear view

Engine and Specs Rumors

The engine of the upcoming 2016 Dodge Dakota is not yet known to the public. Expectations are that it will not deviate much from the competition. Rumors are that truck will have a V-6 engine with 4 cylinders, which will be able to pump out up to 210 horsepower. The powertrain will most likely be connected to a 5-speed or 6-speed transmission. The fuel economy is still the delicate part. This time Dodge will make additional efforts in order to improve fuel consumption. The goal is to tune the consumption to be around 30 mpg. In addition to this, they will expand the engine offer, but for now there is no precise information about this.


2016 Dodge Dakota Ram Release Date

Mr. Fred Diaz, Ram chief, said that his company does wish to bring the new model to the market and that they are heavily exploring the possibility of doing it in a near future. There is no official information about the release date. There are some rumors that the new 2016 Dodge Dakota might appear at the end of the 2015, but it will probably be unveiled during 2016. It is also too soon to talk about the vehicles price, but if you look at today’s competition, this pickup truck should be around $40,000 and $55,000. Production will most likely take place in Mexico.

Remember, these are just rumors and speculations. I hope we will have some real information in the near future.

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