2015 Venturi America

The 2015 Venturi America is the upcoming electric-powered buggy that was unveiled at the 2014 Paris Motor Show. Only 25 units should go on sale during this year for about $115,000 (rumored price). Keep reading to learn all the details.

2015 Venturi America Design

front view

As you can see from the photos, the 2015 Venturi America looks like a combination of a sports car, crossover vehicle and buggy. Yeah, it is a little bit wider, but anyway its design is quite appealing. It has a small triangular grille, big front bumper with large air intakes and integrated fog lamps, and headlights that consist of several smaller lights. There is no roof on this model, nor regular doors, which are replaced by cut-out doors. Big wheel arches are housing the large five-spoke alloy wheels. The rear end is also wide. It has round taillights and big diffuser with additional stop lights.

rear view

Inside, there are only two sporty seats wrapped in black leather with white stitching. The interior is almost entirely painted in black, with an option of choosing between five different trims – black, white, red, blue and orange. Between the seats a button-less center console. It appears that all functions are controlled via a touchscreen display. Obviously, the 2015 Venturi America comes with a modern infotainment system. Behind the steering wheel is another digital display, replacing the standard instrument cluster and showing all the data.


Electric Twin-Motor, Performance

The 2015 Venturi America is powered with not one, but two electric motors, which together can generate 401 horsepower and 354 lb-ft of torque. This power is transferred to the rear axle, allowing the car to reach the speed of 62 miles per hour (~100 km/h) in about 4.5 seconds. Its maximum speed is limited to 137 mph. A 53-kWh Li-ion battery allows the buggy to travel up to 155 miles before it runs out of energy. It can be charged in 3.5 hours using the standard 22 kW charger. Of course, these figures may vary depending on a selected driving mode.

2015 Venturi America electric buggy

Release Date and Price

As for the release date, this electric buggy will enter into production in the beginning of 2015, but we still don’t know when it will be available for sale. It should hit the stores by the end of this year. If you like this model and have plans to buy it, know that there will be only 25 units available, so you should hurry up and reserve your car. Given that this will be a limited edition model, its price is going to be not so affordable. The exact price tag of the 2015 Venturi America was not given, but expect it to be more than 115 thousand dollars.

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