2015 Toyota Yaris Specs, Design, Pricing

Over the past couple of years, the humbly priced Yaris has evolved from a tiny caterpillar to the most magnificent butterfly. So, the latest edition 2015 Toyota Yaris presents much more than a simple transportation vehicle. The first generation came out on a global car market in the now distant 1999, as a replacement for the Toyota Starlet. The first models were available in two variants: a sedan and coupe variant. But the coupe version has only been available in the first lineup and then was cancelled. This brand new version, present, somehow, upgraded and additionally refreshed model, which originally was launched in 2011.

front view

Exterior and Interior Styling

The 2015 Toyota Yaris possesses more than an attractive general appearance combined with a hint, or two highly fashionable features. It provides an utterly smooth, easy, very fun and highly reliable drive around town and combined with its more than competent suspension, which is of a huge help, when it comes to cruise around turns with impressive stability. Some kind of a trademark for all the latest models present the lovable and highly attractive front fascia design, that’s definitely here to stay. It is designed in the 2015 and it comes along with the brand new hood design and, somehow, larger trapezoidal grille, black “mesh” texturing, and bright work line which goes all around the gigantic Toyota emblem. Another thing that the designers from Toyota are considering to maintain for the future models, is the fine detailing that we have had the opportunity to see on the Toyota Aygo models.

rear view

Interior wise, the most striking detail that can be quite easily been notice its amazingly large and spacious main cabin. This cabin has been made of only top-quality material, such as hand-made natural leather combined with bold blend of the highest quality plastic details and utterly fashionable high-technology features. The 2015 Toyota Yaris comes in both 3-door and 5-door variants and the stunning LED taillights remain characterized by its E-shaped design. The new model rides is planned to be a set of 16-inch alloy wheels.


Engine, Specs, Performance

Having in our minds that the main problem, according the critics, for the Yaris’ predecessors were their low engine power options, we are expecting that something around that specific area, will change drastically, as for the 2015 model year. Regardless of the engine option that they will opt for, the guys from Toyota first have to change its four speed automatic transmission. The engine option, which has the most chances to be put, is a 1.5-liter inline four-cylinder engine, which is considered to be able to pump up to 106 hp and, to deliver, at the same time, about 103 pound-feet of torque. For driving around the town, this engine option is more than enough, however, when it comes to driving on a highway, it becomes, somehow, very little and the powerless engine that barely can to submit something faster ride that requires any highway.


2015 Toyota Yaris Hatchback Price

The price for the base 2015 Toyota Yaris L model with manual gearbox comes around $14,845, while the variant with automatic transmission costs $15,570. If you desire to possess and drive some upper trims, you have to be ready to pay around $16,505 up to $17,620 for the most expensive SE model with five doors and auto transmission.

Yaris models

2015 Toyota Yaris

Be sure to also check out the new Yaris Dub Edition model.

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