2015 Toyota 86 Style Cb

The 2015 Toyota 86 Style Cb is a special edition variant of the GT86 sports coupe released exclusively in Japan this April. It features a revised front end. First Toyota GT86 was produced in 2012 and it was a result of collaboration of the two popular Japanese manufacturers. GT86 was the name of this car that was sold under the Toyota badge, while Subaru calls it BRZ and Scion FR-S. These cars were popular from the beginning, but lots of people complained that they simply lack power to be perfect. While Toyota openly stated that they would like to improve the engine, it appears that Subaru is not willing to do so. That is why Toyota created this special edition model.

front view

Exterior Redesign

Like I said, this car is practically the Toyota GT86 or Subaru BRZ; it is not a new model, nor it is trying to be. While there are many similarities to the original, the 2015 Toyota 86 Style Cb has lots of differences that set the two apart. First thing you notice is the front of the car – it is completely different than the front of the GT86. The Japanese car manufacturer stated that the front was inspired by Zagato, but to most of the experts it looks like a perfect mix of 2000GT and older Celica. The sharp front of the sports coupe is replaced with a sloped nose that is beautifully curved.

rear view

Furthermore, they have decided to use new, round headlights (similar to the ones found on new Porsche models) instead of those wide on the original model. On the other hand, the rest of the car, in terms of exterior, is pretty much the same. The rear end is completely the same and there has been no significant changes done. New color combinations and alloy wheels will be offered with this special edition model.


Interior Styling

The 2015 Toyota 86 Style Cb interior is slightly altered than the interior in the original model. Most notable changes are the Style Cb branding, which can be found throughout the whole cabin – steering wheel has Cb logo, seats and carpets also. Furthermore, the company is going to offer cabin in different colors – two tone color scheme is the most interesting – the combination of Demitasse Brown and beige, while others are in one color – silver, black or red. Leather steering wheel is standard, as well as the woodgrain panel, surrounding the audio system. The rest of the interior is the same as the original GT86.


Engine, Specs, Performance

As we said before, the biggest complaint for the original GT86 was the engine that felt like it lacked power. Bad news is that the company decided to stick with the same engine, even for the special edition 2015 Toyota 86 Style Cb. The engine in question is 2.0L boxer-four engine, that was used in GT86. This engine produces around 200 horsepower and 151 lb-ft of torque. According to the official specifications it goes from 0 to 60 miles per hour in about 7 seconds. The standard model will come with manual transmission, while automatic will be optional, both with six speeds.


Engine found under the hood of the Subaru BRZ

2015 Toyota 86 Style Cb Price

When it comes to the release date, this special edition model already went on sale in Japan this April. Price for the 2015 Toyota 86 Style Cb is 4,180,582 Japanese Yen for the model with manual gearbox, which is about 35,285 USD, while the model with automatic transmission has a higher price, it costs 4,263,055 JPY, which is about 35,980 USD.


Here are some additional photos of the Japanese-only model.

2015 Toyota 86 Style Cb


rear view

front view

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