2015 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Review, Price

The 2015 Pontiac Trans Am Firebird comes with a refreshed exterior design that will turn heads everywhere you take it. The new model, which is based on the Chevrolet Camaro, carries with it the look of a powerful sports car, and comes with high quality interior trims that make it worth every penny you spend. The new Trans Am is available in the both coupe and convertible variants.

front view

Engine, Specs, Performance

The 2015 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am will put a smile on faces, especially the drifters, this is because it is made with the right power to weight ratio that makes it produce enough wheel spin to keep you driving sideways round corners. The Chevy Camaro-based car packs more power than all its predecessors. Its new engine generates up to 580 horsepower, which is up to 135 more horsepower that the previous model. All this power comes from a supercharged 6.2-litre V-8 engine, which is coupled to the final drive by a 6-speed manual gearbox. An optional 7-speed gearbox that works through a dual-clutch system is also available.

Despite the fact that this is the most powerful Pontiac ever built, it is certainly not the fastest. The speed of the 2015 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am is electronically limited to 155 mph. It utilizes its power to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 4.1 seconds. When you decide to take it out on a drag race track, it can sprint through a quarter mile stretch in just 12.5 seconds during which it easily accelerates to a speed of up to of 114.3 mph.

2015 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

Exterior Design, Hurst Edition Changes

The 2015 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am has the build of a sports car meant for speed. Air curtains on its front bumpers combined with breathers in its front arches help it achieve better stability by directing air out of the wheels at high speeds. The car can direct airflow around it through its air intakes and rear spoiler to produce sufficient down force. This, coupled with the Magnetic Ride Control suspension, gives it unmatched handling especially going around the long curves. The Pontiac Trans Am Hurst Edition also has a carbon-fiber reinforced plastic roof to help save on weight. This roof alone saves helps in saving up to 5 kilos alone.

rear view

Interior Styling

A quick glance at the vehicle’s interior reveals two comfortable front leather bucket seats that have the required grip to keep comfortable in when you go through tight bends and perform heaving breaking. The Dashboard is an elegant display of sports like circular dials and gauges that light up beautifully in the dark.

2015 Trans Am

2015 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Price

This new Pontiac Trans Am 2015 should be available at a starting price of just $25,000. This price is set to go as a high as $38,000 for features not available in the standard version.


In the photo gallery below, you can see how this Camaro-based muscle car is actually awesome. This one was made by Trans Am Depot.

2015 Trans Am













Brown Pontiac Trans Am

Black Pontiac Trans Am

Yellow and Black Pontiac Trans Am

Trans Am Pontiac

Pontiac Firebird


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