2015 Lexus LF-SA Concept

Lexus has unveiled a interesting concept car, the 2015 Lexus LF-SA Concept, a small three door hatch. The concept is a direct competitor to Smart vehicles, rather than other smaller cars. The most interesting thing about this concept car is that, although it has Lexus badge, it does not look like a luxurious car. And the only problem that general public might have with this model is that it looks amazing, both on the inside and on the outside, but there is no info if it will go on sale.

front view

Exterior Design

On the outside, the 2015 Lexus LF-SA Concept is a unique car, like most of the concept cars that are presented on motor shows around the world. However, as we have said before, the interesting thing about the look of this car is that it does not look luxurious or sporty, which is something Lexus is known for. The bold, futuristic design is something that definitely helps this car stands out from the crowd.


The large spindle grille dominates the front of the car, which is something that Lexus has been using on their current models as well. However, the grille is really large for the car of this size. The aggressive lines on the front make it look angry and not sporty and aggressive. The alloy wheels that are featured on this concept have interesting design with eight spokes. The back of the car has interesting taillights and the rear bumper appears to be creating an “X” on the back. Lots of sharp lines used throughout the car.

rear view

Interior Styling

On the other hand, the interior of the 2015 Lexus LF-SA Concept looks like it was not finished at the time the car was presented. This is usual practice for all concept vehicles – the manufacturers just create the basic lines along with some futuristic seats and they get the car finished, but the problem is that we rarely see any of the interiors in the production cars. Most notable features of the interior are the sharp lines and aggressive styling, just like on the outside. The use of contemporary materials is something to be expected in a concept car like this. The concept has a two tone interior, with the interesting design of the steering wheel – the company has decided to use four point steering wheel (which is in two colors), instead of their standard three point steering wheel.


Engine, Specs, Performance

One of the most important pieces of information about upcoming cars is the powertrain. However, in this case, the manufacturer decided not to share any information about the engine that is going to be used in the 2015 Lexus LF-SA Concept, if the car ever goes into production. Still, the car of this size will either have smaller petrol or diesel engine or will be an electric car. On the back of the car there are no exhaust pipes, which could mean that this is going to be an electric vehicle or that the exhaust pipes will be hidden below.


2016 Lexus LF-SA Concept Release Date

If the company decides to moves this car into production, it could happen in the 2016. Of course, it could be slightly changed and look a little bit less futuristic. Just like with all concept models, there are no information if the 2015 Lexus LF-SA Concept will ever going into production, so there is no official price.


front view

rear view

2015 Lexus LF-SA Concept

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