2015 Honda S660 Roadster Specs, Design, Price

Honda intends to return its sporty groove back. The company added great new machines to its range and some of them are iconic Acura NSX, Civic Type R and we will soon get another smaller but still excellent vehicle called 2015 Honda S660. It is one of the most appealing concepts of the company, which debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show last year. Since the vehicle was given the green light, we will be offered an excellent mid-engined roadster. At first sight, the newcomer resembles the Beat, a convertible vehicle from 1990s, but its front end shares some styling cues of Acura NSX supercar which debuted in Detroit.

front view

Engine, Specs, Performance

The 2015 Honda S660 roadster designed for Japanese market is powered by a mid-mounted turbocharged 660cc 3-cylinder engine with dual overhead camshafts. This unit produces 64 horsepower with 77 pound-feet of torque. It is a good engine (top speed is 87 mph), but it is not good enough to be sold on the global market because it doesn’t meet all the standards. The vehicle is basically created for fun drive. It arrives with six-speed manual transmission, but at the same time, the customers will be offered a 7-speed CVT together with flappy-paddles.

above view

The company used lightweight materials like aluminum for better performance. There will also be some plastic reinforcement body elements. The weight of the vehicle is less than 800 kilograms, so the 2015 Honda S660 basically represents a real pocket rocket. You have probably noticed that the vehicle’s name was ensued from the 660cc powertrain. The customers who want to elevate their adventuring and feel the wind should buy a lightweight roadster which is considered to be the vehicle that is quite easy to operate.

rear view

Interior and Exterior Design

The interior of the mid-range 2015 Honda S660 is also alluring. The cockpit might be tight, but at the same time it offers a great comfort. A very small 350 mm diameter steering wheel fits perfectly in the cockpit, and the stick shift is in the place where it should be. Low in the frame, there are seats which also contribute to the miniature but excellent interior of the S660. What is particularly interesting about the interior of this roadster is that upholstery is different from driver’s and passenger’s point of view. The driver’s side has light grey color, and the passenger’s side features a dark grey palette. The only thing that actually misses is raw power and detailed soft-top roof that must be folded manually.


The vehicle is fitted with a great number of safety equipment and driver aids including side and front airbags and Hill Start Assist. Besides that, there are also Emergency Stop Signal System and Vehicle Stability Assist as well. An optional extra is City Brake Active System with automatic safe breaking distance in case you drive slower than 30 kilometers per hour.


We have already mentioned that the new 2016 Honda S660 has similar styling cues as Honda Beat. The body of the newcomer is made lower and wider. Its tires hold solidly to the ground in all 4 corners. The company has developed a completely new rear-wheel drive chassis which uses aluminum and metal construction to be stiffer. The overall dimensions of the vehicle and haven’t been revealed yet, but we hope so that we will soon get full specifications. We’ve offered you the most important information about the new S660.


2015 Honda S660 Release Date, Price

Unfortunately, there is a great possibility that the new model will not be sold outside of Japan, but there is still not official information about this. Anyway, the 2015 Honda S660 went on sale in Japan this April for the starting price of 1,980,000 Yen, which is more than $16,600.

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2015 Honda S660

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