2015 Citroen Aircross Concept

Unlike most of their production models, Citroen, which is best known throughout the World for their cheap and comfortable cars, also makes concept cars from time to time which have nothing in common with the mass produced models. We have to say that this is always a good thing because it allows us to see how good they are at making cars when there are no limits. The 2015 Citroen Aircross Concept is just such a vehicle, a medium sized hybrid crossover which has been introduced a few months ago at the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show.

front view

Unfortunately, the manufacturer didn’t release too much information about it just yet but they did show us what engine it has as well as its interior. The bad thing is that we don’t know what platform it is using. Considering it is a crossover, the most likely contender for that has to be the 4008 from Peugeot which is the only real crossover in the range. However, Citroen worked quite a bit on it because the concept car is in fact a hybrid, so it has a set of batteries and a bigger engine to house.

rear view

The French automaker also said that the car is likely going to go intro production with a few changes made to it, but didn’t say when or for what price. If it ever goes into production, it is safe to assume though that the base price could be around $30,000 while the release date is likely not going to be earlier than the end of 2016.


2015 Citroen Aircross Concept Design

The most impressive part about the 2015 Citroen Aircross Concept is the interior which emphasizes large open spaces more than anything else. In fact, the car features a glass roof, massive windows, both in the doors as well as a massive windshield, giving the impression of a convertible rather than an enclosed car. Considering this is a concept car, it has most of the new technologies currently available on the market. A possible production model might be similarly equipped to a DS5, so expect premium materials, a touchscreen and infotainment system, leather upholstery as well as aluminum inserts.


Its exterior is just as good as the interior. In fact, it must be the best looking Citroen for quite some time with a really nicely proportioned design. The front end has a two-piece grille offering a really masculine look as well as four headlights, two for the low-beams as well as two-for the high beams. The car also has LED running lights as well as air vents for its brakes. At the back the design is a bit more rounded and also cleaner, with a dual exhaust system and two LED taillights which perfectly fit the car.


Hybrid Engine, Specs, Performance

Under the hood is quite an unusual powertrain for Citroen, a hybrid. The base is a turbocharged 1.6L I-4 engine good for 218 horsepower and 370 N*m of torque, more than enough to make any medium sized car go like crazy. However, coming to its help there is an electric motor good for 96 horsepower and 200 N*m of torque which will up the car’s total power to well over 300 horsepower.


Unlike a usual hybrid, the 2015 Citroen Aircross Concept also has a bigger battery, so it could be used as a plug-in hybrid. This will allow it to go up to 50 kilometers of pure electric range, so for a short daily commute the car might be perfect. However, if the journey is longer than that then it will easily sustain itself while using less than 7 liters per 100 km, which is quite good for such a powerful vehicle.

2015 Citroen Aircross Concept

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